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About Patent Attorneys

As a profession, patent attorneys operate in the global arena and across all sectors of industry to assist New Zealand businesses in their key markets. Patent attorneys understand the need to be smart about intellectual property – protection is important, but commercialisation more so. They provide real support to New Zealand’s innovators through identification and enhancement of ideas, protection and commercialisation.

New Zealand patent attorneys are a highly educated profession with many patent attorneys holding both a technical qualification and a law degree.

A qualified New Zealand patent attorney has knowledge of all areas of intellectual property – not just patents. These areas of intellectual property include registered rights (as in the case of patents, designs, trade marks or plant variety rights) and unregistered rights (as in the case of copyright,trade secrets, goodwill and reputation).

Patent attorneys have many touch points with their clients which enable them to easily detect relevant, marketable and commercial ideas. As a result of their engagement, patent attorneys:

· Regularly visit New Zealand businesses to enable early identification of innovative ideas;

· Develop strategies to protect those ideas and innovations in key markets through varied intellectual property rights;

· Educate New Zealand businesses about the range and scope of those intellectual property rights both in New Zealand and overseas; and

· Are actively involved in the commercialisation of innovation by sitting at the negotiation table, drafting and reviewing related documents, and providing strategic, commercially relevant and pragmatic advice across a broad range of issues (including commercial issues, not just those that are IP related).

Most importantly, New Zealand patent attorneys have a unique insight into how New Zealand business can (and should) use the intellectual property systems in New Zealand, Australia and further afield to maximise commercial advantage on the world stage.

If you are interested in a career as a patent attorney we suggest that you contact a firm of attorneys in your area. Please view our member firms.

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