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“I certainly have not the talent which some people possess,' said Darcy, "of conversing easily with those I have never seen before. I cannot catch their tone of conversation, or appear interested in their concerns, as I often see done.” ― Jane Austen ,Pride and Prejudice

Members of the NZIPA pride themselves on their collegiality – and that collegiality is part of what sets us apart from the broader legal fraternity. We are an eclectic mix of lawyers, scientists and engineers with a common goal of helping kiwi businesses to prosper. Social activities are an important part of the yearly calendar and enable members to swap information and find out what is going on in the profession in New Zealand and further afield.

Social weekend:  The cornerstone of our social calendar is the NZIPA social weekend held annually in February/March of each year. Traditionally known as the “golf weekend”, in recent years NZIPA has strived to make the weekend appeal to all members of the profession with organized mountain bike rides and bush walks. However golf continues to be a focal point and members and guests can compete for the Patent Cup, Trade Mark Plate and Dave Hiri Trophy. Previous social weekends have been held in Taupo and Rotorua. The important thing is that everyone comes together for pre-drinks on the Friday night and an informal dinner on the Saturday night in convivial spirit.

IPONZ drinks:  In August each year the NZIPA hosts drinks for IPONZ. This is an annual opportunity to rub shoulders with the people you may be corresponding with on a daily basis (and vice versa)and is normally capped off by a combined social activity. Past activities have included everything from quiz nights to Nintendo Wii competitions. We are always open to suggestions so please contact if you have anything you want to do. Please be aware: just as you wouldn’t ask a doctor at a party what that weird bump on your bottom is, please don’t grill examiners about professional cases at this event.

NAD:  Although not an official event, Fellows north of Taupo are entitled to attend the Northern Area Dinner. Steeped in (often weird and unexplainable) tradition, the dinner provides a further chance for registered Fellows to ruminate about the good old days over a cheap Chinese meal and quaffable wine. A word of warning: if it is your first NAD you will be required to make a short (preferably witty) speech and may suffer rejection if it fails to reach the requisite standard.

A range of other social activities are arranged from time to time. Suggestions (to for activities are also welcomed, as are any Fellows or student members who are interested in helping to organise social activities.

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